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We proudly provide services to clients In the following Industry sectors

  1. Financial Services
  2. We deliver Saafisoft innovations that drive smarter financial management to support our customer needs.

  3. Real Estate
  4. To make real estate management easier for realtors, we provide them with innovative softwares.

  5. Institutions
  6. We assist Institutions in developing unique technology solutions that emphasize collaboration, data, and personalisation.

  7. Logistics
  8. Enabling logistics companies use advanced tools and technologies to address industry difficulties and boost productivity.

  9. Organizations
  10. We assist nonprofits in streamlining data collecting, maintaining compliance, and increasing engagement.

  11. Manufacturing
  12. Enabling manufacturers to have greater control and make better decisions throughout production using innovative technologies.

  13. Retail
  14. Strengthen your customer relationships with engaging brand experiences powered by innovative technologies.

  15. Healthcare
  16. We deliver effective healthcare software that improves clinical transparency, financial transparency, and decision-making.

  17. Utilities
  18. We provide innovative technology solutions to utilities in the energy, water, telecommunications, and other sectors.

  19. Travel
  20. We collaborate with travel companies to create innovative software that delivers comprehensive travel experiences.

  21. Sports
  22. We offer sports companies with a variety of unique software solutions to assist them handle their basic to complex business challenges.

  23. Media
  24. Through innovative technology, we assist media companies in gaining greater attention and reaching new audiences.

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TCC Apt, Opposite Tre-Piano Bldg. Makkah Almukaramah St, Hodan Dist. Mogadishu, Somalia.
+252 1 844314
+252 61 469 7777
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Saafisoft’s vision is to become a leading software company offering innovative, highquality & reliable software in Somalia and the rest of the world.

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